- Soil Conservation Board Meeting: 1st Wednesday of every month @5pm @USDA Office.
- Lee Co/Beattyville Tourism Board Meeting: 1st Thursday of every month @5:30pm @ Tourism Office.
- Church Yard Sale: 1st Saturday of every months: 9am-4pm @ New Springs United Methodist Church.
- City of Beattyville Council Meeting: 2nd Monday of every month @ 6pm @ City Hall.
- Lee Co School Board Meeting: 2nd Tuesday of every month @ 6pm @ Lee Co Board of Education.
- Lee Co Fiscal Court: Every 2nd Thursday of every month @4pm @ Lee Co Courthouse.
- Three Forks Regional (Breathitt, Lee, Owsley, & Wolfe Counties) Jail Board Meeting: Every 2nd Thursday of the month @ 5:30pm @ Regional Jail.
- Lee Co/Beattyville Chamber of Commerce Meeting: 3rd Monday of every month @ Noon @ The Autumn Room.
- KRADD: 4th Wednesday of every month @ Noon @ The Center of Rural Development in Hazard.
- Lee Co Public Library: 4th Wednesday of every month @ 3:30pm @ library.
-Lee Co Kiwanis: Every Tuesday @ 6pm @ the Community Center on Happy Top.

Ambulance Crisis Creates More Questions Than Answers

June 16, 2016

Thursday morning’s Special Fiscal Court Meeting, a continuation of last week’s regular meeting, was meeting to deal with the crisis of the County being unable to afford an Ambulance Service, which brought out numerous Ambulance personnel, their supporters, two private Ambulance Services, and a visitor from the Estill County Ambulance Service. When the passionate discussions ended, the Fiscal Court decided the only solution to the crisis was to work out an agreement to turn over management of the Ambulance Service to McIntosh Ambulance Service for a year, until the decision can be brought before the voters on whether or not they want to raise taxes to support the Ambulance Service.

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