Feb 15: 11:00AM Lee Co. Homemaker Lesson
Feb 16: 7:30PM Girls Basketball vs. Morgan Co. @Home
Feb 16 6:00PM LCYS Basketball Heat vs Magic
Feb 16 7:00PM LCYS Basketball Bulls vs Spurs
Feb 17: 6:00PM JV Boys Basketball vs. Wolfe
Feb 17 7:30PM Varsity
Feb 19-25: 6:00PM JV Boys District Tourney
Feb 19 7:30PM Varsity
Feb 20: 12:00PM Chamber Meeting

All Politics Is Local

August 4, 2016

By: Chuck Caudill Jr.

During the early 1990s the Navy made a decision that it was time to “right size”, a very politically correct way of saying reduce funding, facilities, and personnel to save money. Because, we had been, for Continue reading

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