Ex-military man finds career opportunity in nails

February 1, 2018

BARBOURVILLE, Ky.A Knox County man says his experience in the U.S. Navy taught him about business, leading him to a career he never thought he would find interest in.

After serving in the Navy for five years Teuy Sisoumankhara is now bringing health and beauty to the people of Barbourville.

He began researching business as a soldier, and once he was honorably discharged he then decided to take on MJ Nails, a salon owned by his wife’s family.

Sisoumankhara says manicures and pedicures are just another way for an ex-military man to bring in extra cash.

“I never thought that some guy that was ex-military would come and do nails. I almost feel like a Zohan,” Sisoumankhara said. “I love thinking different. I love things that have no limits. Why limit yourself?”

Sisoumankhara says he hopes more folks, including veterans, will ignore the stereotypes and look for opportunity in every career field.