Perry County school calendar now includes Saturdays

January 24, 2018

The Perry County School Board voted Tuesday morning to include Saturdays in the 2017-2018 school calendar.

The board reached this decision because of the number of days missed due to water issues in the City of Hazard.

The following days will be added as regular school days:
Saturday, January 27
Saturday, February 24
Saturday, March 24
Saturday, April 21
Saturday, May 19

“We didn’t want to do it but we felt like the situation we’re in we didn’t have a choice,” said Superintendent Jonathan Jett.

The decision came after polls were taken by the district sent out to both parents and staff.

There were two choices on the table, add the Saturdays or extend the schedule. Neither being an extremely popular choice.

“You’re taking away from family time, trips and things people like to do on the weekend,” said Jett. “But on the other hand, If you go deep into June you get into family vacations, family trips, family reunions.”

If the district is not let out for more days they may not need to use the final three days but Jett says that will be determined later.